Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examination set
Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examination set

In October 2019, Globe International School students, Grade 7c, took the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint examination set. It tested skills, knowledge and understanding at the end of the primary programme in English as a Second language, Mathematics and science.

The examination scripts were sent to Cambridge International directly, where they were marked to provide an international benchmark of learner performance. Last week we got the results from Cambridge, and we are very happy to inform that all our students have passed the exam! 

All the students received Statements of Achievement in the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint tests and are able to move on to the next stage!

The official results of Globe International School students are given using the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint scale. Scores on the Cambridge Primary Checkpoint scale are from 0.0 (the lowest level of achievement) to 6.0 (the highest level of achievement):

Exam Centre: Globe International School 
Centre Number UA022
Cambridge Primary Checkpoint

Centre Report:
Average Cambridge Primary Checkpoint scores are as follows:
English as a Second Language Average score = 4.7 
Listening Average score = 4.5 
Reading Average score = 5.0 
Usage Average score = 4.7
Writing Average score = 4.7  

Average Cambridge Primary Checkpoint scores are as follows: 
Mathematics (overall) Average score = 5.3
Geometry and measure Average score = 5.5
Handling data Average score = 5.0
Number Average score = 5.3

Average Cambridge Primary Checkpoint scores are as follows: 
Science (overall) Average score = 4.3
Biology Average score = 3.7
Chemistry Average score = 4.8 
Physics Average score = 4.7 
Scientific enquiry Average score = 4.3 

All the received averages per Globe International School are over 3.7, which are considered to be Good to Excellent!